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Men’s Retreat

WHEN: Thursday, June 6th - Sunday, June 9th
WHERE: Murrieta, CA  (less than two hours from LAX and San Diego Airports)

Seize this precious opportunity to clarify your purpose, fortify your resolve, conquer limiting perspectives, and deepen your capacity across the diverse range of aptitudes that facilitate performance excellence in all endeavors.

For thousands of years, men have set aside their worldly affairs and collectively retreated into austerity, intuitively understanding the challenges they’d face on retreat would propel them into a deeper knowing of self, laying the grounds for the liberating experience of directly perceiving their true nature.

“Retreat” implies stepping back. In stepping back, a man’s vantage point shifts. Through this shift, perspective broadens and deepens, and his life unfolds more vividly.

The conditions encountered in retreating from the world, sprout into the conditions required for advancing in the world.

A man who does not regularly utilize the precious opportunity of retreat will never uncover within himself that which his soul finds to be truly meaningful, nor will he access the resolve required to advance powerfully in the realization of his unique life mission.

He will simply wander in distraction. Like most men do.

A few steps forward, a few steps back. Days will become months, which then become years. Decades will pass, and he will have nothing to show for his aimless wandering. No precious insight. No liberating shifts in perspective. No great success, no formidable risk. No freedom!

Unlike the average modern man who is perpetually running away from himself, the man who retreats confronts himself directly. In the poetic violence of that primal confrontation, lucid clarity emerges. 

In retreat, man understands clearly what he must do, what he must stop doing, and who he must become.

He returns to the world with renewed vitality and clarity of purpose. Recharged, refreshed, and fully prepared to advance powerfully in his mission.

Join us in our courageous retreat.

Over the course of three days we will:

You will walk away with:


Sitting high in the Southern Sierra, our retreat center has everything required for a weekend to go offline and drop into deep practice. Less than two hours drive from both LAX and San Diego, it’s an easy commute for those flying in.

All rooms will be shared with at least one other attendee, with one larger room reserved for four men.

Accommodations are clean, comfortable, and simple; an ideal setting conducive for deep practice.

The facilities offer ample space for you to tuck away for moments of solitude or to connect in community practice rooms, comfortable lounges, and dining facilities.


Michael Holt

Michael Holt | Savage & Saint Founder

Holistic Health Expert, Masculine Vitality Specialist, and founder of the internationally renowned Savage and Saint Consultancy, Michael serves elite performers in the cultivation of vitality, depth of consciousness, and performance excellence. His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, core shamanism, holistic health, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by top-tier executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers worldwide. He resides in southern California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and consulting endeavors to wellness study, martial arts and fitness training, writing, and meditation.

Mikaal Bates

Mikaal Bates | Savage & Saint Guest Facilitator

Mikaal's Mission is to empower and support the conscious evolution of Masculinity across this planet in our lifetime. He proudly serves as a Transformational Life Coach, Men’s Work Facilitator, Podcast Host, Psychedelic Integration Guide, and Relationship/Dating Coach, helping guide men into the deepest embodiment of their highest potential. His work centers on the transmission of embodied Masculine Leadership, Ritual Theater, and Rites of Passage.

Mikie Miller

Mikie Miller | Savage & Saint Executive Chef

Chef Mikie is an LA Based professional chef and nutrition coach serving professional athletes, entrepreneurs and high performers in Southern California. For nearly two decades, he has led others to improve their well-being by providing high quality nutrition and lifestyle guidance. Chef will be curating a high octane menu to compliment various practices and to ensure the men of the Savage & Retreat are well nourished.

Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd | Savage & Saint Producer

Executive Producer, Flow Facilitator & Experience Architect, Colin Boyd thrives in creating immersive environments that cultivate personal and professional impact. As a former extreme sports athlete he has also lived and breathed flow states, later becoming a certified high performance flow coach to help executives, athletes and entrepreneurs access this mysterious brain state with greater depth & consistency. He is the proud father of three boys and has been engaged in men’s work for over eight years, leading his own retreats from California to Maine.