“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

– Hippocrates

Our dreams, relationships, careers, and passions – all that we could become – is built upon the foundation of our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Fluctuating energy levels, emotional turbulence, general lack of fulfillment, and the inability to move steadily toward one’s goals and consistently expand one’s purpose – all are the result of a failure to prioritize and maintain life’s greatest blessing: our health.

This failure, very much the norm in our modern society, creates a broken relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

If we are to claim the vitality that is our birthright, if we are to lead purposeful lives, if we are to be of service, then our health must become our priority and daily practice. Otherwise we inevitably fall short of achieving what we intuit we’re capable of—or, we accomplish what we thought was important to us only to find it ultimately unsatisfying.

Vitality, happiness, fulfilling work, and harmonious relationships are the fruits born of a strong commitment to the practice of health. Holding fast to this commitment is a confronting endeavor that is difficult to maintain alone.

It is my life's purpose to help you along your healing journey.



I work 1-on-1 only with men who are truly committed to optimizing their mind, body, and life experience. For this limited group of clientele I offer deeply transformative holistic health journeys, specifically tailored to the individuals unique needs and aspirations. Through dialogue, teaching, immersive experience, and progressive lifestyle modifications we will align purpose, will, thought, and action – building a rock-solid foundation of vital energy to fuel purposeful expansion in the most meaningful areas of your life.

“Michael teaches the skills and inspires the mindset that I have found to be as important for success in my role as a Green Beret as they are to me now as a business leader.”

– Rich H.
(U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran)

“Michael is a kind and patient man who has an incisive ability to ascertain the deep truth in the nuance of every life challenge. His techniques are unique and attainable for anyone who is willing to practice. He has taught me how to embrace the impermanence of it all and welcome the changes.”

– Blaine Lourd
(Founder & Co-CEO Lourd Murray Wealth Management Firm/Published Author)

“My work with Michael has been extremely helpful for my physical health, mental stability, and peace of mind. I have built skills and tools that I plan on using for the rest of my life. As I’ve become a more present human being, the improvements I’ve made are noticeable by friends and family. Learning how to cultivate concentration, awareness, presence, and peacefulness are the most valuable things I could ever learn. I am grateful to call Michael my teacher and my friend.”

– Andrew Bosse
(Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist)


Masculine Vitality is a hallmark experiential program for men who are strongly determined to live and embody the foundations of true well-being. Key areas of focus include contemplative practice, optimal self-governance, emotional intelligence, sexual virility, sleep hygiene, breathing mechanics, nutrition, movement, peer to peer accountability, and more. Masculine Vitality is the blueprint for your personal revolution.

Michael’s command of authority over the expression of healthy masculinity is second to none. He is an authentic living example of how men ought to live in the modern world, balancing precise and purposeful discipline with kindness and empathy. If you are looking to walk through the world with more vitality and agency, more love and capacity to express your purpose, then Masculine Vitality is a must.

– Colby Pearce

In Masculine Vitality, Michael brings together a large amount of information relating to health and vitality, filters the best stuff, and delivers it with clear and specific instruction. He is a man that embodies the masculine spectrum from Savage to Saint, from monk to warrior, and as a result is highly trustable.

– Ryan Junee

Michael’s Masculine Vitality course offers battle-tested practices I now use as a foundation to cultivate a nourishing wholeness in my life that was lacking. His Savage & Saint approach gives fresh approval to all parts of the masculine spectrum. I would recommend this program to any man looking for more wholeness and nourishment to his life force.

– James Magdaleno

Masculine Vitality was an absolute game changer. The depth and breadth of applicable knowledge I received was immense. I have a newfound perspective on my health and a reverence for myself, as well as a set of practical tools that will serve me for the rest of my days.

– Alex Andreas

Michael is a health, wellness, and meditation sage, one of the best out there. You will learn more in MASCULINE VITALITY than you will in years of reading books and listening to podcasts. Go for it. Change your life now.

– Steve Parcell


Creating a culture of health and wellness in the corporate environment is crucial in forming a company that is happy, cohesive, and productive. I offer group learning experiences, consultation, and ongoing support to ensure that your team members understand how to prioritize their well-being with concrete daily practices that they may thrive both in and out of the workplace.

“I’ve worked with Michael personally for years. His teachings have made me a more skillful, present, and available human being. As an entrepreneur, I was excited to share his methods with my company. The team loves our group sessions; it’s been a big boost to our collective energy, creativity, and health. The best companies today invest in improving their team’s physical health. The best companies of tomorrow will do the same for their team’s mental health; Michael’s work is at the leading edge of that movement.”

– Amit Kapur (Tech Entrepreneur/Former COO MySpace)


For the high profile client whose work requires travel and engaging with the public, take comfort in leaving your safety in the hands of a trained professional with an extensive martial art background, competitive fight experience, and over a decade of working in private security. More than simply maintaining your safety, we can optimize your work travel by utilizing down time to learn and implement proven techniques and practices to ensure you perform at your highest potential and meet your obligations with a clear and peaceful mind.

Holistic Health Expert, Masculine Vitality Specialist, and founder of the internationally renowned Savage and Saint Consultancy, Michael serves elite performers in the cultivation of vitality, depth of consciousness, and performance excellence. His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, core shamanism, holistic health, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by top tier executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers worldwide. He resides in southern California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and consulting endeavors to wellness study, martial arts and fitness training, writing, and meditation.



Villanova University BA Psychology


Holistic Health Practitioner Lvl 1/2/3


Unified Mindfulness: Meditation Teacher under Shinzen Young


Advanced Rank: Inosanto Academy


Instructor Rank Jeet Academy


Instructor Rank Mastro Defence System


Thai Boxing Assoc of America


Tai Chi/Qi Gong Instructor: Sacred Energy Arts


Shamanic Practitioner: Sacred Trust
1 Year Training


Wim Hof Method: Instructor

National Guild of Hypnotists

Certified Hypnotherapist


NASM: Fitness Professional


American Council On Exercise Fitness Professional



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