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Masculine Vitality

Freedom Through Discipline


Your vitality is the most accurate predictor of whether or not you will achieve your ambitions. And your resolve in prioritizing and maintaining your vitality is directly proportional to the degree of internal peace you will experience throughout the moment by moment unfolding of your life. If you do not have non-negotiable disciplines in place for the cultivation of vitality, you will be harshly confronted by regret.

Modern cultural norms encourage you to become flaccid, disconnected, and obedient. Rejecting these trends and adhering to a lifestyle of self-discipline is the pinnacle revolutionary act of these times. In this era, to become vital is the highest rebellion.

Masculine Vitality is the unmistakable sense of sovereignty, trustworthiness, and charisma which emanates from the core of a man who governs himself wisely in body and mind.

Implementing the principles and practices required for building a strong foundation of Masculine Vitality will infuse your life with a reservoir of balanced sustainable energy to be utilized in fulfilling your highest potential.

It’s time to take responsibility for turning yourself into the man you know you are capable of becoming.

It is time to claim your Masculine Vitality.

Over this 12 week course, YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH:

This course is for you if:


Concentration - developing the power of a one pointed mind, the critical foundation of performance excellence in all tasks

Meditation - understanding contemplative practice as a progressive skill based approach for the training of specific attentional resources and perceptual abilities

Relaxation - approaching rest as a skill that can be mastered

Emotional Regulation - cultivating positive emotional states and transcending reactive emotional patterns

Breath - developing functional breathing mechanics to manage the nervous system and using various breath techniques to catalyze peak meditative experiences

Hormone Optimization - implementing specific lifestyle interventions to optimize testosterone function, libido, and sexual virility

Sleep - perfecting sleep hygiene through lifestyle interventions and morning/evening regimens

Gut Health - addressing and mitigating gut imbalances through holistic remedies in the realms of nutrition and hydration

Energy Management- understanding the crucial distinction between “working in” and “working out”

Eustress - leveraging cold/heat exposure and fasting for peak physical and cognitive performance

Somatic Intelligence - re-establishing connection to the natural wisdom of the living body

Course Details:

Michael Holt


Holistic Health Expert, Masculine Vitality Specialist, and founder of the internationally renowned Savage and Saint Consultancy, Michael serves elite performers in the cultivation of vitality, depth of consciousness, and performance excellence. His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, core shamanism, holistic health, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by top-tier executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers worldwide. He resides in southern California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and consulting endeavors to wellness study, martial arts and fitness training, writing, and meditation.